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Unread postby raptorxenu » Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:38 am

raptorxenu wrote: wrote:Josh Close and Fiona Dourif Join Paul Thomas Anderson's Religious Drama THE MASTER

Scientology-inspired drama adds two more and reverts back to its original title of ‘The Master.’

Paul Thomas Anderson's religious drama ‘The Master,’ which is currently in production, has added two new cast members. Joining the cast of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky, Lena Endre,Rami Malek and Madisen Beaty are Josh Close (‘The Pacific,’ ‘The Unusuals’) and Fiona Dourif (‘True Blood,’ ‘The Messenger’).

Loosely based on the establishment of Scientology, the drama follows Lancaster Dodd, a man who on returning from WWII, creates his own faith-based belief system which begins to gain a massive following.

Close will play one of Dodd’s top disciples. Dourif’s role is not yet known, the actress is the daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Brad Dourif (‘Halloween,’ ‘Child’s Play’).

The Master comes out here on November 16th.
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Re: Scientology related links megathread

Unread postby raptorxenu » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:07 am

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Re: Scientology related links megathread

Unread postby raptorxenu » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:47 pm

The Irish Indepenent wrote:APPARENTLY we are obsessed with football and Katie Taylor. Is that really news? Perhaps not, but our interest in Scientology certainly is.

In Google's annual survey of top trending and most searched items this year, Ireland's football performance at Euro 2012 and Katie Taylor's success were the top two.

No shock value there. However, what is surprising is that we are also obsessed with Scientology, Craig Doyle, crochet and finding out the meaning of true love. Who knew?


In the 'what is' list, the top three searches were: love, icloud and Scientology. Where did the interest in Scientology come from? Well, the most famous Scientologist in the world is Tom Cruise so maybe the break-up of his marriage to Katie Holmes had something to do with it.
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Unread postby raptorxenu » Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:25 am

The Irish Examiner wrote:Federal agents raided the organisation’s offices in the early 1960s, fearing that Hubbard’s therapy was a public-health risk. Around the same time, the Food and Drug Administration confiscated hundreds of Scientology’s ‘e-meters’, a kind of emotional-polygraph machine used in Hubbard’s therapy process. In perhaps the greatest insult, the IRS stripped the organisation of its nonprofit status. (Scientology regained it in 1993 after a long legal battle.)

The ocean became Hubbard’s refuge. The Sea Org became his navy. In retrospect there were signs of the madness ahead. In his flag application, Hubbard listed himself as “Master”. His purpose, only this: “enlarging Man’s knowledge of the past, particularly in the field of history”.

Later, in another letter, he claimed to be looking at the geology of “a belt from Italy, through Greece and the Red Sea and Egypt and along the Gulf of Aden and the East Coast of Africa”.

In fact, according to Wright, Hubbard spent the years furiously inventing new Scientology doctrine, trailed by young female assistants ever ready to tug up his socks or swing a chair beneath his almost-60-year-old body. He inspired great treasure hunts, midnight searches for underground space stations, and booty he claimed to have amassed in past lives. Some of the escapades were dark, Wright says. Hubbard is said by Wright to have forced some people overboard, locked others in the anchor room. He was declared an “undesirable alien” in the United Kingdom, convicted in absentia of fraud in France, and attacked by a mob in Madeira.
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Unread postby raptorxenu » Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:53 am

raptorxenu wrote:

The Irish Times wrote:IT MIGHT have God (or a Supreme Being) on its side but the Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd is heading for corporate limbo after being listed for strike off by the Companies Registration Office.

The controversial church, whose members worldwide include Tom Cruise and John Travolta, has been tardy in filing its statutory accounts. The Dublin mission last filed financial statements for the year ended April 30th, 2009, in July of last year.

It lost €688,114 that year, with members around the world providing loans to plug the deficit.

It's that time of year again:

The Companies Registration Office wrote:Status: Strike Off Listed

Effective date: 24/02/2013
Last AR Date 30/01/2011
Next AR Date 30/01/2012
Last Accounts to Date 30/04/2010
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Unread postby raptorxenu » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:11 pm

"Scientology doing door to door leafleting in D6":
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Unread postby raptorxenu » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:13 pm
The Anatomy of Human Mind Course
Mar 6th - Mar 31st

Are you looking for answers of how the mind works? What the mind really is? What is the reason of irrationality?
But what is the point of knowing these things if you can't do anything about it?
The book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" has been a bestseller on the subject of the mind since 1950 for one reason: the therapy it offers works.
You don't need to be some high intellectual who are using fancy latin words that can not be pronounced to know about the mind.

Contact for more details!

Dianetics Centre
64 Middle Abbey St
01 872 0007
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Re: Scientology related links megathread

Unread postby raptorxenu » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:16 pm

The Irish Independent wrote:John Sweeney: 'Scientologists believe the Holocaust was planned and carried out by psychiatrists'

THE Church of Scientology is a cult whose core aim is to fight a space alien Satan that's brainwashed the rest of us.

Eleanor McGrath: Syngeing the praises of Irish stereotypes for Patrick’s Day in green
“It's a shame that Cardinal Bergoglio never had the opportunity to mingle incognito in the bars of modern Dublin.”
Kim Bielenberg: Ming is like old-style Fianna Fail, with a reefer and a goatee beard
The Church fights the world's insanity, its celebrity followers argue, and people who tell you differently are bigots. So who's right?

Lawrence Wright is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who has written what promises to be a great book on Scientology. Going Clear is due to be published everywhere on 17 January – except Britain. Just before Christmas, Transworld, Wright's British publishers, pulled it, leading to questions about whether it had fallen to the Church's reputation for going after its detractors and Britain's libel laws.

Wright had a huge advance negotiated by über-agent Andrew Wylie, publishers around the world primed to publish on the same day, a reported print run of 150,000 in the US and a team of researchers checking every fact. He will have things to say in his book that readers – especially young people, the audience the Church seeks to recruit – may think they have a right to know. American readers will learn all, while Wright's potential British readers will have no book to buy.

By way of explanation, Transworld's publicity director Patsy Irwin said: "The legal advice that we received was that some of the content of the book was not robust enough for the UK market, that an edited version would not fit with our schedule and the decision was made internally not to publish."

Five years ago I lost my cool, to say the least, during an interview with the Church's senior spokesman Tommy Davis in a BBC Panorama called "Scientology & Me". I apologised then and I apologise now for that tirade, and the footage of which went viral around the world. But in the intervening five years I have remained gravely troubled by the power of the Scientologist Church to intimidate critics and to maintain a hold over its adepts which some say is a kind of mental enslavement. The Church, for its part, says that I am a psychopath – one Scientology blog says: "John Sweeney is genuinely evil."

Five years on from my very public meltdown, I've written a book, called The Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology, which is published today. Getting the book out has not been easy. My publisher is a bloke with a dog I met in a park. We are going ahead with our book, come hell or high water, because dog bloke and I feel passionately that this story is in the public interest and it needs to be told.

The reason I went with dog bloke is simple. It wasn't the lavishness of the advance – a pint and a packet of crisps. It was because every single major publisher in Britain said "no" to my book. The reason some gave was legal risk. The Church's lawyers in Britain, Carter-Ruck, libel specialists beloved of celebrities, politicians and major corporations, have said: "Free speech is not an unfettered right." You can say that again.

I don't necessarily blame the publishers. A combination of this expensive legal team and Britain's libel laws make publishing criticism of Scientology in this country a daunting task. In America, the legal test for libel is that the plaintiff has to prove the defendant has actual malice to win. In Britain, our laws – under which the defendant has to prove the truth of what he is saying – have prompted repeated calls for change, with many arguing that they stifle free speech. A reform Bill, which critics say is too weak, is currently crawling through the House of Lords.

Publishers might have had other reasons for not wanting my book in the first place, but it was legal concerns, at least in part, that prompted Transworld to cancel their release of Lawrence Wright's much-anticipated work, having previously agreed to do so. While the book launch will go ahead in other countries, perhaps they felt they just couldn't take on Scientology in the UK.

Dog bloke and I think we can. A word about him. His name is Humfrey Hunter, he is a literary agent turned publisher, his company is Silvertail Books and his father and grandmother were German Jewish psychiatrists. Together, his dad and granny wrote the book that set out the medical evidence that Mad King George suffered from porphyry, the basis for Alan Bennett's The Madness of King George.

I lost my temper with Tommy Davis inside the brainwashing section of the Church's exhibition on psychiatry, "The Industry of Death". Scientologists believe that psychiatry is Nazi pseudoscience. They believe that the Holocaust was planned and carried out by psychiatrists. If you are doing a book about Scientology, then you cannot do better than having the son and grandson of two German-Jewish psychiatrists as your publisher. You don't need capital to publish a book on Scientology – you need courage.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with us are a number of ex-members of the Church who possess that quality. They would, they say, be willing to give evidence in our defence were the Church to sue us: Mike Rinder, former head of the Office of Special Affairs, who quit the Church in 2007 after goading me alongside Tommy; Marc Headley, who says he was audited by Tom Cruise and came with me on my visit to the Church's Trementina Base in New Mexico, where the Church has buried Founder L Ron Hubbard's lectures on discs of gold in an H-bomb-proof vault; Amy Scobee, former head of the Church's Celebrity Centre, and more.

But perhaps the Scientologists will do no more than threaten and bluster. Carter-Ruck were first hired in 2007, Mike Rinder told me, to prepare a case against Panorama. But at the last moment, the Church's Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige (Tom Cruise's best man at his wedding to Katie Holmes and a man accused of violence by several ex-Scientologists, a charge he and the Church flatly deny) pulled out. If they go ahead this time, it should make for an incredibly interesting court case.

"The Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology" is published by Silvertail Books and is available in paperback (£12.99) and e-book £3.20 on
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Re: Scientology related links megathread

Unread postby raptorxenu » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:21 pm

The Irish Independent wrote:Orla Healy: At least Cruise doesn't insist on salutes for dogs

Tom Cruise may not be the total dingbat the anti- Scientology crowd keep trying to make him out to be. In an expose on the controversial religion (Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief) due out next month, Pulitzer-prize winning author Lawrence Wright describes how Cruise used his celebrity currency to lobby then-president Bill Clinton about persuading British prime minister Tony Blair to declare the Church of Scientology a tax-deductible charitable organisation..

But it's an exchange between Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige that may show the pint-sized actor has a healthy grasp on the foibles of US political system. "Bush may be an idiot," Miscavige observed according to Wright, "but I wouldn't mind his being our Constantine." Cruise, Wright reports, agreed. "If f***ing Arnold [Schwarzenegger] can be governor, I could be president."

Difficult to argue that point.

Miscavige, rather than Cruise, appears to be the book's real target. He is portrayed as a control freak who insists on having his light bulbs polished once a month – and is alleged to have been the force behind the break-up of Cruise's 10-year-marriage to Nicole Kidman. Although Miscavige lavished attention on the couple as newly weds, creating a "completely deferential environment as spotless and odourless as a fairytale" (complete with realising their fantasy of running through a field of wildflowers together) the book claim that by the mid-Nineties, he "viewed her as a gold digger who was faking Scientology . . . Miscavige was hopeful that if they portrayed Nicole Kidman as a Suppressive Person, Cruise could be peeled away from her".

Wright also manages to ruin the only nice thing he has to say about Miscavige, a man whose devotion to his five beagles comes across as a tad extreme. "He had blue vests made up for each of them, with four stripes on the shoulder epaulettes, indicating the rank of Sea Org Captain," according to the book which could be cute except for the sinister allegation that he "insists people salute the dogs as they parade by". The fact "the dogs have a treadmill where they work out" just compounds the buzz-kill.
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Unread postby raptorxenu » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:23 pm

The Irish Independent wrote:'If Arnie can be Governor then I can be President,' says Tom Cruise

A NEW book about the Church of Scientology alleges its leader, David Miscavige, celebrated when Tom Cruise split from Nicole Kidman because he thought she was responsible for him drifting from his teachings.

That and other claims about the ties between the Hollywood megastar and the Church appear in the book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Lawrence Wright, excerpts of which were published today by the Hollywood Reporter website.

The book, to be released in the United States next week, also reports attempts by Mr Cruise to lobby former Prime Minister Tony Blair on behalf the Church.

Already stirring a tumult of controversy, the book is barely charitable in its description of scientology. Church spokesperson Karin Pouw told The Independent that the "book and the excerpts published by The Hollywood Reporter would be better suited for supermarket tabloids because they are nothing more than a stale rehash of allegations disproven long ago." She added: "Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to lie."

In his book, Mr Wright, who is a contributor to The New Yorker, cites a former top leader of the Church who has since turned against it, Marty Rathbun, recalling the distaste felt towards Ms Kidman by Mr Miscavige, who became the Church's presumed leader after its founder L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986.

Apparently unhappy in the late 1990's that Mr Cruise seemed to be losing interest in Scientology, Miscavige "blamed the actor's wife, Nicole Kidman, and viewed her as a gold digger who was faking Scientology," Wright recalls Rathbun telling him. "He says that Miscavige was hopeful that if they portrayed Nicole Kidman as a Suppressive Person, Cruise could be peeled away from her". It isn't clear whether the Church made such efforts or the split came later for entirely different reasons.

After announcing the break-up with Ms Kidman in 2001 while they were filming 'Eyes Wide Shut' in England, Mr Cruise allegedly returned to the fold of the Church which, in turn, set about finding him a new female partner. Its lieaders at first settled on Nazanin Boniadi, a 25-year-old Iranian-born actress who had grown up in London but that plan fizzled when a meeting between her and Miscavige went badly, the book says. The actor was later to marry Katie Holmes from whom he was divorced last year.

This is hardly the first book to cast an unflattering light on the scientologists. But 'Going Clear' will garner attention if only because of the reputation of its author, who, the New York Times, says is "known for his thoroughness" as a reporter. He has, the paper reports, received numerous threatening letters from lawyers for the Church while the UK publisher of the book, Transworld, recently pulled out and scrapped its printing without explanation. It will be published by Knopf in the US with a first run of 150,000 copies.

Ms Pouw suggested that Transworld had had "second thoughts choosing not to publish Wright's book after being informed of the numerous inaccuracies and defamatory lies it contains that were told to Wright by a handful of bitter and discredited former Scientolo-gists." She went on: "If a book is truthful, then it should be publishable without hesitation."

Public interest is likely to focus on Mr Cruise's history with the Church. The excerpts today described a deep friendship between the actor and Mr Miscavige that grew stronger after Ms Kidman was out of the picture. And Mr Cruise seemingly became an ambassador for the Church, at one time asking former president Bill Clinton how he might approach Mr Blair about getting it tax-free status in Britain.

"Cruise poured millions of dollars into the Church - $3 million in 2004," Wright says. "He was not simply a figurehead; he was an activist with an international following. He could take the Church to places it had never been before. Whenever Cruise traveled abroad to promote his movies, he used the opportunity to lobby foreign leaders and American ambassadors to promote Scientology."

The lead man: Book excerpts

Cruise and politics

"He was not simply a figurehead; he was an activist with an international following. He could take the Church to places it had never been before by lobbying foreign leaders and American ambassadors.

"Cruise repeatedly consulted with President Clinton, lobbying him to get Prime Minister Tony Blair's help in getting the Church of Scientology declared a tax-deductible charitable organisation in the UK."

Cruise for America

"[President George W] Bush may be an idiot," Miscavige observed, "but I wouldn't mind his being our Constantine," referring to the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. Cruise agreed. "If f***ing Arnold can be Governor, I could be President."

From 'Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief'
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